As a Business Solutions Specialist We Provide a Variety of Services

At Evolv we understand that each business has it’s own unique goals and challenges.  Therefore, our training courses are tailor made to suit your business’s specific needs.  We aim to ensure that the return on your training investment has a direct impact on your company’s bottomline.

Effective Communication

Our Effective Communication Training includes:

  • Different communication styles.
  • Understanding personalities.
  • Resolving conflict effectively.

Emotional Intelligence

Our Emotional Intelligence training includes:

  • Self-awareness and social awareness.
  • Self-management.
  • Relationship management.

Practical Leadership

Our Practical Leadership training includes:

  • Essential leadership skills.
  • Implementing effective disciplinary actions and strategies.
  • Goal setting, goal alignment and effective team structure.

Team Dynamics

Our Team Dynamics training includes:

  • Team interventions.
  • Corporate culture and behavior.
  • Value driven teams.

Handling Conflict

Our Handling Conflict training includes:

  • Putting conflict into perspective.
  • Strategies and skills to prevent and resolve conflict.
  • The role of policies and procedures and preventing and resolving disputes.

Life Skills

Our Life Skills training includes:

  • Personal finances.
  • Healthy relationships.
  • Time and self-management.


Our SETA training includes:

  • Skills needs analysis.
  • Drafting and implementing Workplace Skills Plans.
  • Online Skills Report submission to SETA’s.