As a Business Solutions Specialist We Provide a Variety of Services

The Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) method is based on the principle that everyone has all the resources needed to make positive changes in their lives. This change technique assists individuals to enhance their performance by controlling their emotional state and staying focused on their goals and desired outcomes. By learning the language of your mind, NLP encourages individuals to recognise their sensory sensitivities and to optimally apply these sensitivities in order to respond to a challenge.

Life Coaching

Our Life Coaching program includes:

  • Personal goal setting.
  • Personality analyses & self-awareness.
  • Shifting from success to significance.
  • Establishing and enhancing a value and purpose driven life.

Career Coaching

Our Career Coaching program includes:

  • Career Direct Assessments: Scholars, Students and Individuals.
  • Basic Personality Testing with Job Matching
  • Re-aligning occupational options.
  • Facilitating personal growth and development.

Business Coaching

Our Life Coaching program includes:

  • Healthy corporate culture.
  • Strategic thinking and planning.
  • Goal setting and alignment.
  • Healthy governance and structure